Off-grid System

PV off-grid system is stand-alone system that is not connected to grid or other generator. Off-grid system powers the loads independently, widely applied to regions without power, field working, communication station.

Micro-grid System

PV hybrid system uses solar energy and other sources like grid or diesel generator to power loads, hybrid system is also equipped with back up batteries. In hybrid system, electricity feedback is not recommended. By using hybrid sources, system cost can be reduced and stability is guaranteed. The priority to different electricity source can be set through inverter.

Grid Connected System

PV on-grid system is connected to grid. Small on-grid system will feedback excess electricity that powers loads to grid. Large on-grid system is a power plant that generate power to grid, which provide electricity to loads by power transmission and transformation. PV on-grid systems are widely used worldwide, mainly in regions where grid is stable. Small on-grid systems are used for house or...

Solar Street Lamp

Solar street lamp is powered by solar energy, which is wide used in city roads, residential, factory, tourist attractions, car park lots, and parks.

Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump is powered by solar energy through solar module.