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PV on-grid system:

PV on-grid system is connected to grid. Small on-grid system will feedback excess electricity that powers loads to grid. Large on-grid system is a power plant that generate power to grid, which provide electricity to loads by power transmission and transformation. PV on-grid systems are widely used worldwide, mainly in regions where grid is stable. Small on-grid systems are used for house or commercial building while PV plants are built mainly in desert or wilderness.

Parts in PV on-grid system:

PV on-grid system mainly consists of solar module, grid inverter, and cables. Small on-grid system will equip different meter according to power policies while PV plants always have data collecting and monitoring system

Principle of PV on-grid system:

Generally, in small on-grid system, solar power is converted into electricity by solar panel and powers loads, if electricity generated by panel is excess, it will be feedback (sell)to grid. On the contrary, if electricity is inadequate, system will get (buy) power from grid. This process is through grid inverter. As for PV plant, it works like power station, which is measured by generating capacity.