Corporate Culture

Innovation (product quality)

Innovation is always the fresh blood for enterprise development. Innovation is the core of the product competitiveness, Eastwest take innovation as the fundamental business survival, and explore hardly on the way of innovation

Aggressive  (marketing)

Over 20 years trials and hardships, aggressive is her invariable attitude, the positive spirit makes EastWest extends the more broad market, from domestic to international, EstWest has occupied more and more market share,  and plays a more and more irreplaceable important role in new energy stage!

Harmony (employee relationship)

The enterprise atmosphere of harmony and mutual assistance, solidarity and affection every employee here to find the heart of sense of belonging and identity of the enterprise, harmonious employee relations staff to bring the work of a good mood, EastWest is the inner motive power of energy to grow rapidly.

Win-win (customers, enterprises and suppliers)

Provide sincere services to the customers, it is EastWest consistent objective. Build partnership with the same industry enterprise, jointly create more wider stage in new energy area, create a complete supply and supplier relationship  is EastWest’s unremitting direction.

Win-win development with the customer, cooperative enterprises, suppliers is the core aim of EastWest  in energy for industry achievement and great development.