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Product Introduction

Modular hybrid photovoltaicsystem is an arbitrarily combined system specially designed for the users inthe areas with no electricity, power outages and power instability ,which canbe mixed used with the city power, diesel engine, fan and other energy .Through the sensible energy management , the MPHS will take the new energy usefor priority , and guarantee no power outrage for users . Module , battery ,controllerinverter ,and bracket and so on ,are all standardmodular design .

Product Advantage

1. Highly Reliable

The design of this product isdifferent from the controller and inverter equipment in current market. Thegreat ventilation cooling system of MPHS make the PV system work well in thehigh temperature environment . Modular design make the system have redundantfunction.After the failure module exits, the system is still operatingnormally.

2. Flexible

It is easy to install,maintain and replace , and the content could be extended after installation .Every component of the modular system takes the modular design standard,including module, power distribution, control inverter, battery, battery box,assembly support, and so on , which are all in unified specifications.According to users needs ,it can be in anycombination, which improves flexibility, shorten the production cycle.

3. Reliable

  The product can be used in the areas withoutelectricity, power outrage, or power unstable . It could also be used withdiesel engine, city electricity , wind turbine and other energy . According toconsumers need , it could be combined easily to meet differentdemand .